Bisaurín And Ibón De Acherito ?.

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Bisaurín And Ibón De Acherito ?.

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I had been a bit disconnected from the forum for some time, except for slight incursions, and much more disconnected from the Pirinero, I had not been going since last summer, so one day I woke up thinking about the desire I had to go and fulfill a illusion, that is, to climb a snowy peak and contemplate part of the snow-covered peaks of the Pyrenees (my routes had practically always been without snow, in summer or autumn and I already wanted to practice a little with crampons and, on the other hand, another, to see the snow-capped mountains disappearing into the horizon). So on Wednesday April 2nd I decided to take Friday 4th off and throw myself up; I chose the Bisaurín peak (about 2,670 m. with 1,130 unevenness from the refuge), which many of you will already know, especially those in the part of Navarra, And so on Thursday 4 I left work buzzing and went to sleep at Lizara's shelter (about 6 hours from home, with the stops); On April 4, Friday I went up to Bisaurín with exceptional weather, snow, blue sky, a very good day; I stayed at the top for almost an hour and a half enjoying, taking photos, eating some sandwiches, etc. On the way up the snow was still quite hard and on the way down I still dived from time to time up to my knee, but in general the route was very good. It took me about 3 hours to go up. 45 minutes, because I am one of those who go calm, calm, and in going down because almost the same because I go quite slow in the descents to take care of my knees a little. On the 5th I made an excursion to the Acherito lake (by the way, later I found out that that day several of the forum, Victorín, Truje, etc. had climbed the Pico de Acherito, a pity but the previous days I did not look at the forum, I could have met you in person), going up from the Mine area and continuing once in the lake to the dividing edge between Acherito and the Ansaber area from where there were beautiful views towards the Needles from Ansaber, Petrechema, etc. and also towards the valley of Lescun. That same Saturday evening I already returned to my land. Well after this story I leave you some photos of these two excursions. Greetings to all. Well after this story I leave you some photos of these two excursions. Greetings to all. Well after this story I leave you some photos of these two excursions.



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