Ascent to Monte Perdido ?.

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Ascent to Monte Perdido ?.

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I have subscribed to this forum because I know that with your help I will clear up many of my doubts ... this past weekend I was in Ordesa, I went up the valley, soaso pegs and a little higher de goriz patapam !! I was scared! hehehe ... let's
see, the issue is that I am inexperienced with the subject of snow, I do not know what material to take, basic techniques, etc ... the issue is that I like the mountain a lot, but I don't know how to start.


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Re: Ascent to Monte Perdido ?.

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Hi there,

Getting the Monte Perdido summit is not an easy one in winter and I DO NOT recommend you to start with such mountain if you don't have experience enough First thing should be to take some course of mountaineering techniques to know how to use crampons, ice axe and how to progress on snow. Then I would start with less difficult mountains and get used to self arrest on easy slopes. Once you have climbed a few soft hills and summits I would go first to big mountains in summer so you know the track well. Monte Perdido, specially has a big slope in the latest part called "la escupidera" (the spittoon, because it literally spits you out to the cliff) that is very dangerous and where a lot of people have died.
Winter mountaineering is not a simple sport you can start with if you haven't taken a lots of practice first. Be aware about weather forecast, snow condition, avalanche risk, proper garment and clothes and start step by step is mandatory. You can be lucky once but mountains don't allow mistakes and the bet if very high (your life) so take it easy and start by taking some mountaineering course. Mountains will be there for long so they can wait.

Cheers mate

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